Terms of Service Policy

Olympic Limousine non-refundable deposit is required for each limousine booked. ALL BALANCES TO BE PAID IN FULL AT THE FIRST PICKUP ADDRESS. If client exceeds the time set above by 10 minutes an additional charge of $100.00 will be applied. Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours of any event and full amount will be charged if reservation is canceled within 24 hours. Permits, 407 ETR charges, unforeseen costs, additional pick-ups and drop-offs and/or stops are extra unless stated otherwise. Under no circumstances will any limousine/vehicle transport more passengers in it than the specified/legal limit. The client/s will be held responsible for any damages inflicted to the limousine/vehicle(s) by any of their guests and passersby, who’ve been provoked by their guests. Charge for the cleanup of vomit $200. Charge for replacing broken window up to $5000. In case of limousine/vehicle(s) problems, OLYMPIC LIMOUSINE reserves the right to change to an equal or greater value limousine/vehicle. Are we held liable for any unforeseen delays caused by circumstances beyond our control such as traffic accidents, mechanical breakdowns, or road conditions. OLYMPIC LIMOUSINE will not be held responsible for lost belongings left behind in any limousine/vehicle(s). Clients are required to keep all their body parts in the limousine/vehicle(s) while aboard and their feet off the bar. All limousines/vehicles are NO SMOKING. Reserves the right to terminate the run or to eject any person found using drugs, intoxicants or behaving in an unsafe manner at the discretion of the driver without any refunds. Client/s is required to ensure that they and their guests are in compliance with all Federal, Provincial and Municipal laws. Clients are aware and acknowledge that consuming alcohol in a limousine is illegal. OLYMPIC LIMOUSINE is not responsible and assumes no liability for consequences that may result from the actions of the client/s or their guests. By signing below, you the client acknowledge that you understand and agree to adhere to the rules set out above.